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About AddettoHR

The online HR management platform has been developed by Intero Software LLP- associate entity of Intero Solutions Pvt. Ltd which is a leading businessprocess outsourcing pioneers in the country. Whether you're a start-up or abig enterprise, it can perform all HR activities such as Job applicationprocessing, Recruiting, Transfers, Benefits, Reviews, Vacation accrual, andRelocation documents. And that's all with just a single click! It isextremely easy to deploy, use, flexible, scalable, and most importantlyvalue-centric. Just install and get going. Save time, efforts, money and space by automating your HR functions through by us.

HR management software solution service

Addettohr offers high cloud base HRMS System and HR management software solution service in all over India. It is a Auto cloud base HR software and very easy to use. It is very helpfull and understand to connect or cordinate with IT sector and human management system. HR software is widely use in the School & Colleges. HRMS stands for human resource management system and it is a software application which is a combination of an all human resource functionality like payroll, attendence, accounting, recruiting etc. AddettoHr allow this services for Benefits Administration and Employee Salary and remuneration. It is mainly used for improve or increase skill & efficiency of human resource management system. It will provides you a real time information and work done by one place. Addettohr deliver an our all HR base projects on cloud with Payroll system across the PAN India and oversease. Our highly trained and educated team will support you to use this Software and clear to the HRMS software System on work done.

Easy To Use

You need zero or no technical knowledge to work with AddettoHR processes. With AddettoHR, you will find that organizational processes were never so easy.

Cloud Based

HR Software "On Cloud" application ensures that you can access all the features of AddettoHR - anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about dropping down to office for each tit-bit

Flexible - Control and Customization

Customization of your human resources management system(HRMS) is easy! Set up your systems in a way that's perfect for you. Finally, software that doesn't give you a headache, but takes the headache away.

Other Services

Here is your one-stop solution to all your payroll related needs. Now manage it accurately, professionally and promptly!Say bid adieu to payday headaches with Intero Payroll Outsourcing Solutions We are here to assist you. We provide all payroll calculations and deductions.Founded in 2008, Intero has a wealth of experience and has established itself as one of the most efficient, reputable, trustworthy payroll companies in the country.Staying refreshed with rapidly changing payroll legislation can be a big challenge, but you don’t have to go that way. When you decide to outsource your payroll needs to Intero, you can rest assured that your payroll is in safe hands.
Over the past few years, compliance with labor and industrial laws has gained more prominence among businesses of all sizes. The reason why this has become very important is due to the fact that the law distinguishes primary employer as the one who is responsible in case the contractor flops to comply. On risk management aspect, this is extremely important considering the legal implications and reputational risks attached with non-compliance.

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